Boat Rules

    1. Respect the Captain!
    2.     Small children must keep their life jackets on at all times. It is recommended that you bring a fitted life jacket for each child, however, there are several type II vests on board that can be fitted at the time of arrival.
    3.     Keep the rails clear for the Captain to quickly get around the boat.
    4.     Spray sunscreen and self-tanning products are not allowed as they can permanently stain the boat, its electronics and upholstery. They also make the deck and seats slippery, creating a safety hazard. If you're going to use these products, please do so before arrival at the dock.
    5.     Feel free to bring drinks of your choice as there is a large cooler under the Captain's seat so there is no need to bring ice or coolers. no glass bottles please as they are harder to store before and after the beverage is gone.
    6.     Feel free to bring cameras and your sense of adventure although some fishing spots will not be allowed to include landmarks or backgrounds.
    7.     Start times are set prior to charter date. Time may be added with an additional charge at the Captain's discretion if there isn't a trip scheduled after yours.
    8.     DO NOT feed or try to pet the Dolphins. They are friendly, intelligent creatures but feeding or petting them endangers them and it is against the law!
    9.     The guests of the boat may be charged for any damage or fines caused by negligent use of the gear or unlawful behavior at the Captain's discretion.
    10.     No high heel shoes or black soled shoes. Slip resistance soles are recommended.
    11.     Understand that you are on an action sports trip which means that you are subject to trips, falls, cuts and bruises as well as other minor accidents that may occur. Keep in mind that there are doors and hatches that are constantly being opened and that these are real fish that will defend themselves with teeth and fins! Use extreme caution while on these trips! by accepting to all terms and conditions before making your payment you agree that you are willing to accept full responsibility in the event of an accidental injury.
    12.     Guests who become unruly, overly intoxicated or violent will no longer be guests and WILL be dropped off at the nearest safe location and the proper authorities will be contacted. No refunds will be made on this rare occasion.